TAKEN the Tax Module in 2018?

VIDEO: Liam Neeson phones to ask if you’re ‘TAKING’ tax to earn your professional membership with IPA, CPA or CA ANZ In 2018?

If so, you may want to join free workshops voluntarily lead by WillCamphin to help Australian accounting students, their mentors and isolated regional professional accountants and share via the MicroCEO for Accountants LinkedIn Group.


In 2017, it is fair to say that many professional members felt that something has been taken without their knowledge. However, this post and the new virtual discussion group linked from it has a central goal of helping at least 1,000 members over the next twelve months as a means to rebuild pride in our professional membership. This necessarily will entail a collective effort and some degree of innovation.

How will we innovate?

We look to be more engaging and entertaining while getting back up to date. However, in the immediate term, we will be revisiting all the critical tax learning outcomes so that members can review the tax module (which for some may have been decades ago) while providing a platform for discussion for those still in the thick of it right now!

The only pre-requisite for joining the virtual discussion is that you are a member of either IPA, CPA or CA ANZ and the virtual discussion group is FREE to join. Watch the video to learn more and join our group if you need or can offer help in this effort to share knowledge.

If you are not an accountant, then some CPD materials will be shared at this free public CPD.technology website, but more will be available to registered members.

The virtual discussion group is called MicroCEO for Accountants and you can register for the group free here but be sure to you have your membership numbers handy as you will need this if you want us to VERIFY CPD.

Apathy and inactivity were the real villains in 2017. Help make 2018 a year where accountants can hold their heads high. Get Involved!


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