Finding an Accounting Job Using Seek

Finding Accounting Jobs Online using Seek

This month we held our first MicroCEO #Huddle about finding jobs online and canvassed it with a detailed case study using the Keyword “Accountant” and what we found surprised most of us. Wondering what the highest paid accounting roles are for? Well, here you find out.

It all started with a question in the LinkedIn Group that questioned a comment I had made in an earlier exchange that technology was increasingly impacted our profession such that if we want to insulate ourselves from automation we need to know about it.

20180302 - “Find Job Discussion”

The above question was asked by a member of the LinkedIn group asking me to justify my view that technology roles were increasingly the future when a keyword search for ‘Accountant’ returns a significantly higher number of job opportunities than ‘Systems Accountant’ and hence casts doubt about the premise of my argument. In the YouTube video, we address this precise search in detail and explain why I believe it holds true.

The devil is in the detail and when you explore variables location, pay rate and classifications you get a much clearer picture of what I am talking about. It is here that you start to question with accountants are most valued in accounting or IT.

Value and Identity

This presentation goes to the heart of questioning these aspects of our accounting profession and shows what others see as being of the highest value and frames a discussion for how we identify with those results.

“The startling question we were drawn to ask is whether the highest value of accountants is within IT or Accounting?”

In this video presentation from our the FREE LinkedIn Virtual Discussion Group we look at where the 12,000+ roles for ACCOUNTANT are classified, located and probably most curiously what is most highly paid most often.

Here is a Video Overview:

  • [00:01] Welcome by @WillCamphin
  • [01:45] Member Question – Accountant vs Systems Jobs
  • [02:50] Overview
  • [04:00] Seek Search Bar Explained
  • [05:27] Keyword Search
  • [06:00] Are we Accounting or IT?
  • [07:45] Pay Rate greater than $100/hr
  • [09:35] Location Filter
  • [11:15] Sub-classifications
  • [13:20] What have we learned?
    • Keyword
    • Classification
    • Pay Rate
    • Location
  • [15:37] Value vs Identity
  • [16:34] Where to next
  • [17:51] CLOSE

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